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  • I don’t take the actions that I need to
  • I have lost my motivation for the thing(s) I do
  • It feels like I am only going through the motions
  • I’m not clear about what it is I really want to do
  • I feel like I am missing out on opportunities because of my self-sabotage
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  • Start your day by doing the most important task first … when you are your sharpest?
  • Re-ignite your passion for the work you do
  • Discover a new level of connection to the work you are doing
  • Reconnect to the deeper WHY for the thing you are doing
  • Say goodbye to self-sabotage and limiting beliefs


Many Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and Professionals experience similar challenges. They reach a place in life where they are asking “is this all there is?” They have an appreciation for where they are financially and in their career, however, they have lost the sense of purpose and joy they once had.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Understanding and dealing with the the causes behind the feelings and attitudes  which seem to keep getting in your way … causing  you to doubt your decisions and to second guess yourself. can be an effective step in finding your solution. I have followed a few career paths in my life and have come to realize the great importance of finding joy and meaning in whatever you do. The assistance that I provide will help you open your heart and mind to experience your life and work with a deeper sense of appreciation and JOY!

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Cyrus Bush, CEO of A Confident Performer, is a certified EFT Practitioner through Tapping the Matrix Academy.  He has extensive training as a hospital chaplain and studied EFT with Rob Nelson (Tapping the Matrix Academy), Steven Kessler (The 5 Personality Patterns) and Dale Tepletz (EFT Tapping Expert).  He has used EFT to help family, friends and clients for over 8 years.

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