Cyrus Bush

The Coach


Cyrus is currently Certified as a Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting.  He has trained with leaders in each of these disciplines since 2012 and continues to use these transformational tools to help his clients significantly increase their confidence and reduce self-sabotage.

There is no "I" in Team

Together we will work to identify what is causing your anxiety and resolve it.  We will release the confident performer inside of YOU!

The Musician


Cyrus is a retired hospital chaplain and retired Church Choir Director.  

He holds a Master of Divinity and 

Master of Music degree.  

He still performs for local groups as both a singer and pianist.



I have suffered with social anxiety, stage fright and a fear of public speaking my whole life. My job requires that I do all three to be successful in my field of expertise. I had learned to mask it instead of face it until it became too much to handle on my own. Through working with Cyrus, I have learned techniques to help me lower the anxiety and experience the opportunity that is in front of me. I have learned that past experiences, trauma and self-doubt don’t define me and will not keep me from achieving my goals. Thank you Cyrus for all that you do!

Natalie Sahloff - North Carolina

"As a female vocalist, I have had the wonderful opportunity to sing in many different venues both in the US and in Europe. I have been blessed to have a voice which has a good range and is flexible. However, as a soprano one of the things I most feared was the “older female voice wobble” and the inevitable inability to easily voice high notes with sensitivity and with good dynamics.  My fear of that was beginning to take a toll on my confidence and also and, perhaps more importantly, my joy in the music. I had stopped singing solos and stopped the daily warm up and vocal exercises. I had basically dropped out. When I was asked to sing for an event that should have been joy-filled and a pleasure, the fear of croaking and wobbling had me almost vocally frozen.  Then I remembered Cyrus! As a seasoned performer himself, he understood the anxiety and how that affected the vocal production. His gentle and encouraging manner and experienced application of the EFT process made a startling difference. As we worked on the fear and the underlying anxiety tears began to flow and then the anxiety melted away with the tears. I could literally feel the freedom in my throat and throughout my whole body.  I was able to sing at the event and felt calm and confident. As the accompanist said later “you’ve still got it sister”.  Ageing will happen to all of us and after working with Cyrus, my goal is to embrace the next rich phase of life fully and gracefully. Whether I sing to an audience or only to my grandchildren, I will always be thankful for the impact his tapping sessions have had on my life"

K. Lovett, Kentucky

"I am an elementary school teacher, and while I feel comfortable singing, dancing, laughing and talking with children, it is a different story when I’m in front of adults. When I met Cyrus it was right before I was to get up and speak in front of a group of my peers. I was petrified! We used EFT tapping to calm those fears and change them into positive feelings. When the time came for me to speak in front of the adult group, I was on top of the world and surprisingly calm & confident. I appreciate Cyrus and the support he gave me at a critical time in my life"

W. Abbott, North Carolina